1. Steps to a Healthier Heart

    Running at 60% your max heart rate for 20 minutes, 3 times a week for 12 weeks will reduce your heart rate. Why? The heart learns to be more efficient at pumping blood. It’s the same reason you need to change your workouts ever 3-4 weeks. Your body is very good at adapting to the conditions it is put under. Your bones will also get denser because of the impact. If you can’t run because of bone or joint issues, jump on an elliptical!

  2. Two Weeks Away

    Two weeks from today, I will be participating in a 5k race. This is a CrossFit experiment for me. They say that CrossFit covers all aspect of the fitness field and prepares you for any type of fitness challenge. I am testing this theory by only doing CrossFit to train for this race. My current time is 32 minutes for a 5k. I have ran (but only twice, and not even full length - 1.6 miles) twice during the time I started CrossFit (which was 2.5 months ago). By the time the race is here, I will have done 3 months total of it. I’m really excited to see my results. My thoughts are that it will go smoothly because I’m constantly working at max heart rate while doing CrossFit. I do believe the “experts” are correct. I hope so at least.

    Stay tuned.


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